• Getting Ready for Back to School? (COVID-19 Special)

    New school year of 2020-2021 will be very different from any other back to school years in the past. Due to uprising numbers of COVID-19 cases in New York, all public schools in New York were closed completely by the mid of March, 2020.  It’s finally about time to go back to school but student... View Post
  • K-Skin Care Products to Repair Our Skin

    Korean beauty is as well-known as Korean pop (K-pop) today and the attention that K-beatuy is getting in the U.S. is rising fast. K-beatuy ingredients are inspired by nature and this inspiration is coming from Korea’s most fascinating mountains and fields. Out of many K-beauty product lines, Kore... View Post
  • Skin Grammar Products for Pore Care

    Skin Grammar is known for their products to be Safe and containing effective ingredients for all skin type. Also, Skin Grammar is environmental friendly as well. According to Skin Grammar, “All Skin Grammar products’ packaging is designed to use the least amount of plastic possible, without reduc... View Post